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Seven Random bits of Cory
1. There are very few movies that I can watch twice. Once I have seen a movie, that's it, no more excitement or anticipation. I already know what is going to happen so what's the point! That is why I never buy movies!
2. I got my tongue pierced my sophmore year of college! I know, I know, what was I thinking!
3. I absolutely love red wine.
4. I love the smell of wet cement and rain. When I was little it smelled so good that I would lick the cement and suck on rocks. I thought it would taste as delicious as it smelled. It actually might have, come to think of it. Not that I would do it now.
5. I have a HUGE problem being able to "let go." Be it "stuff", hurt, anger, sadness, control, whatever! I think I still have some old ribbons I won in a three legged race back in elementary school that I can't just toss out. Any suggestions?????
6. Okay, I am dumb as a rock when it comes to our history. You know that show street smarts? I would be the person on that show that everyone laughs at because I didn't know who the first president was. Well okay so I know that question but don't ask me any others. :)
7. When I was younger I loved to capture an intense moment by writing a poem about that feeling I was experiencing at that moment. I have a book of poems I have written back in the day and it's amazing how quickly those feelings can come back when reading them. I wish I made the time to start it back up again.
****Okay Angela and Christine (good reason to start a blog)
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Jme said...

Thanks for sharing Cory. :) There were a few things I didn't know...sucking on rocks...didn't know that! :)
Do you need to borrow my "Letting Go" book? :)I think you gave it to me!
Love you!

Nonnie said...

How fun, Cory! :) I can imagine you thinking if you licked the pavement, it might just taste as good.......some things are just like that. I wish vanilla tasted how it smelled in the bottle!!! :)

You need to just make time to write your poetry again!!! You are so good at it. Maybe you should start another side blog for poems!
Thanks for sharin!

Kari said...

Hey Cory, I have to say that I knew all of those things about you. However, I do not agree that you are as dumb as a rock about anything. There is a certain intelligence and grace that comes with being able to write the way you do. I love the pics of the camping trip. Everyone looks like they had a great time.

Hope to talk to you soon.

GG said...

Well,Cory,you have some of my identifiable genes: When I was a kid I did not lick cement but I did chew road tar. It was the depression and we had no money to go to the corner store and buy gum. Roads were not covered in asphalt like today..no, they were covered in tar. In the blazing summers in Phoenix the sun would soften the tar and us kids would dodge the passing cars to get a wad of tar and chew it as gum. It was good and tasted like tar but Heaven only knows what was mixed in it!

As for watching movies twice..well if I enjoy a movie I may go to the theater and see it again but usually I buy the DVD when it comes out. Yes, I know what will happen ...but if the happening makes me happy then I want to see it again. Some movies I like but I am not sure I understood it so I buy the DVD to see if I realy undestood what I saw. A great example of that is LORD OF THE RINGS. I saw all 3 films, didn't understand them; bought all 3 dvd's and still didn't understand them and what's more I realized I hated the whole damned movie. I got lost somewhere between the mortals and immortals! On the other hand I have seen Gone With The Wind 7 times and read the book once from kivver to kivver!

Letting Go..I have trouble with that too. Anger and hurt...well at 79 years old I am doing much better with that...I have learned some things...it has taken a long time but I'm still learning.

Sadness...well for some reason I am learning that eventually something like a scab covering a sore ocurrs..and the sadness doesn't hurt so much and eventually goes away.

Stuff...I still have a hard time getting rid of stuff. My closets are jammed with Stuff. Thank God for 3 Day Breast Cancer Walks when your Mom and Uncle Kenny have yard sales as fund raisers...I at least get rid of some stuff then!

Capturing an intense moment by writing poems or stories. I absolutely do that and have done it for years and still do it almost every day. When the moment occurs I jot it down and then utilize it in a poem or story later.Those intense moments have been the basis of some of my best published stories and poems.

So see, honey, we really are related!!!. Love you. You are a fantastic Granddaughter, Cory Belle Monroe!!! (that is my nickname for her ever since she was a tyke..for all you readers who may not know that) GG

Jordon and Katie said...

ok i am also not the brightest when it comes to history. i think i slept through the class. plus, how can one person remember so much information. :) sucking on rocks... that funny!

Debbie said...

Cory, that was fun to read. You never know what makes people tick! I think from now on when I smell wet cement, I will think about you! :)

jessamyn said...

i have the same thing about wet cement and sucking on rocks. in fact, i have several memories of "the three little ones" unning through the sprinklers in our yard in holbrook, and then laying on the wet cement in between the grass and licking it.
i also remember sucking on rocks with you guys. one time i was sucking on a rock and jumping on the trampoline at the same time...NOT a good idea. it got lodged in my throat.
we must have been rain deprived.

Mom/Grammie P said...

OK Cory, Where do I begin? I was not aware of your love affair with wet cement and rocks! I will keep that in mind for your next birthday present! A few wet rocks and I am good to go!:) Also, upon reading the other comments written I have come to realize you come by your ability to "write well" and not let go of "stuff" honestly! :) I appears to be an old family trait.
You are the sweetest spirit I know Cory, I would not worry about changing anything. It is what makes you unique!
Love you the way you are!