And So It Is... Bronchialitis!

Yep, my baby has another ear infection in his right ear as well as bronchialitis!!!! He has had a cold (congestion and runny nose) for about 2.5 weeks. The congestion seemed to be getting better, than last Thursday he started up with a cough and the congestion started coming back. Yesterday he woke up wheezing so Matt and I decided it was time to take him in to see the doc.

So now little Brody is on breathing treatments, as needed, a prescribed steroid to help loosen up his "tight" lungs for three days, and amoxicillin for his ear infection. Poor baby!!!

He has really been such a good sport through it all. He started off thinking that it was kind of funny when mommy suctioned snot out of his nose. Now he isn't too fond of it! Occasionally he will allow the intrusion and smile patiently at me. I think he knows that it breaks my heart to see him in any form of discomfort. He has been a little more clingy and very tired the past two days.

This morning we tried the breathing treatment for the first time. I was a little nervous as I didn't know how it was going to go and the thought of holding him down to place a mask over his face wasn't sounding too pleasant. I think the loud sound of the machine scared him more than anything. When I attempted to put the mask on his face he wasn't too sure about it and started fussing. Daddy kneeled down with him and talked him through it singing and making Brody smile. Eventually Brody grabbed the mask, holding it on his face himself. In fact I had to pry it out of his little hands! :) Of course what he really wanted was to stick it in his mouth and nibble on it. Whatever works huh!



Honor who you are and who you will become. Leave room in your busy life for those who adore you... just in case you ever question your MAGIC!!!!!
This day at the park has really been on my heart. My '"life as I know it" has been directly influenced by my big sis in sooooo many positive ways.
I am truly blessed to have such a loving big sis who has such great inner strength
(not saying she doesn't have any outer strength; she's one tough cookie even though she is the smallest of the five turgie sisters)
Thank you Hi-me for being such a strong example of self reflection, strength, courage, motivation, discipline, patience and love!!!!
and I, among many others, am so very proud of who you are.


My How Time Flies

I cannot believe that Brody will be six months old on the 29th!!!! He is really becoming such a little boy. He is constantly grabbing whatever is in reach and putting EVERYTHING in his mouth.
Johnny Jumper is his very favorite thing right now. He will bounce himself all around and is very content. However if no one is paying attention to him he will fuss until he gets one of us to look at him. Once he gets our attention he will smile or laugh, returning to his jumping, pleased as punch.
He is rolling over from back to tummy and from tummy to back now. He tries very hard to scoot himself but isn't quite there yet. He is in the stage of being very frustrated at wanting to do sooo much and being very limited, physically. He loves "tubby time!" He will lay on his back looking up at me and splish splash all over. I can't wait to take him swimming.
His little individuality is starting to shine. He will grab something and when taken from him will become upset. He Makes sure that Matt or I know that he was not happy by our actions. Despite those first fussy months, Brody is now a very happy little boy. What a joy!!!

"Mini Me"

I looked at Brody in Matt's glasses and thought, "that is me!" Unfortunately for this little guy, Brody will probably be wearing glasses sooner than later. He is such a little stud muffin!!!


Brody LOVES Charly. If he is crying and Charly walks by Brody will stop crying and just watch her (or his brothers Jasper and Chancey). He loves to grab Charly's ear's or beard and of course bring them to his mouth. That is when Mommy has to step in and intercept. Charly is sooo good with Brody. She is very gentle and patient and loves to lick Brody's head, feet, face or hands. This will usually bring a smile to Brody's face and an occasional laugh.