I haven't been able to take many pictures of Brodes lately because my camera is broken :(
I took these with Britt's camera the other day and thought I would share.
Brody is settling right in at Auntie B and Uncle Cory's house.
He wakes up asking for "baby" and "aunt b"
and loves to have Uncle Cory take him out back to play with the doggies.
I am truly blessed to have my sis and brother-in-law open their home to us and help us to feel so welcome.


Brody at his FINEST!!!!

Broders LOVES shoes....
He came out of Auntie B's bedroom wearing these shoes
and we couldn't resist capturing this image. (while we were laughing in hysterics)
He is holding up pictures of Mater and lightening Mcqueen
that Auntie had torn out of some "car" wrapping paper for Brody.
He is quite the little man. :)