Happy Happy Day!!!!!

Happy Birthday little
Wyatt Bear
Beef Toad...
You are such a happy ray of sunshine
I love to watch your little bowlegged run,
your big grin with those two front teeth
your beautiful bright blue eyes
and your loving little spirit.

We love you so very much
and are so very blessed to have such a
special little nephew/cousin.

Happy Number One Baby Boy!!!!


Some Faves...

My sis does an amazing job at photography!!!! She took some pics of Brody and I a little while ago and I got a little sneak peek on her photography blog. I have been anxiously awaiting the CD and when I got it this past weekend, I loved what I saw!
Besides some of the ones she already posted on her blog,
here are some of my most favorites....

Thanks for the fun morning Jess.
I am so very blessed to have you in my life
and so very grateful for these moments you have captured :)
Love you!