Thank You Tia!!!!

Thank you Tia for my new shirt. I love it and mommy tells me that I look soooo handsome in it. I love you and miss you tons and tons. Can you come visit me soon????


I took little man to the doctor again yesterday. He had become really congested with a constant runny nose and horrible cough. The doc checked him out and concluded that brod now has a bad ear infection in his left ear and the one in his right still doesn't look good either. Soooo he prescribed a stronger antibiotic and gave us a prescribed cough and congestion medicine. Yesterday later afternoon we started to see more smiles from our little baby boy. This morning he seems to be doing better after a good night sleep (finally)!!!!!!!!

I ended up getting sick with the flu on Sunday and was pretty much in bed Sunday and Monday. Not fun at all!!! I was considering the aching body and chills worse than child birth at the time but the more I consider, there probably isn't anything quite like child birth :) I do have to share this though. I am not one to take a lot of medicines for things but someone from Matt's work recommended this blue liquid tylenol cold and flu and I am telling you it is a hidden treasure!!! It worked soooo well I was in awe! Sooo just thought I would pass it along in case that wonderful flu bug finds itself settling in your home :)


My little happy boy is sick again! Little Brodes came down with a 102 temp yesterday evening and it continued through the night. I don't think I have ever seen this little guy as lethargic as he has been today. We went to see the Doctor and apparently Brody has another ear infection (yes his third) and a bright red little throat with puss pockets on it. The Doc prescribed amoxicillin so hopefully he will be feeling better soon. Needless to say, I am EXHAUSTED!!!! :)
PS. If you look closely at the second pic of Brody you can see that he now has two little teeth. He has also turned into a little four legged motorbug. Yep, he is officially crawling!!!


Water Baby

Brody has developed a LOVE for water! He loves splish splashin away in the pool and in his tubby. Recently he has found new interests during tubby time. One being his washcloth. He likes to put it in his mouth and suck the water out of it... sounds delicious. Second, he is now very intrigued by his boy parts. He looks down, grabs it and smiles in delight at this new treasure. :) Boys!!!!!

Brody's first ride in the bike buggy that Papa Al and Grandma Cheryl gave us for Christmas. He is still a little too small for it but had a good time being pulled by Daddy for a short time. Mommy even tried it out for a quick ride around the block. :)



I hear a cry coming from Brody's bedroom that tells me he is ready to get up from his nap. I pick him up and say "good morning sunshine" several times as I hold him tight. He immediately stops crying and I can see that he is curious about everything around him. He sees bubba, we are babysitting for the weekend, and just stares at him. I study his little profile and can see little imprints on his cheek from the way he was sleeping. His little eyes look tired and he has a groggy look on his face. Just staring at this little guy makes me think about how innocent he is. He just takes everything in with such happiness.
The click of my tongue can bring a huge smile to his face, a toss in the air can make him laugh from his belly, a simple "peek-a-boo, I see you" can make him bounce around with glee, waiting with a smile on his face for me to say it again. A familiar "dito, dito, dito," from Nonnie can bring joy to his eyes.
I put a piece of something toward his mouth and he opens up trusting me with whatever might be in my hand. When life gets a little sad or frustrating he holds his hands up for me to pick him up and hold him in my arms. Somehow being in my arms makes everything seem to go away.
How is it that this simplicity gets taken from our spirits???? Is there a way to savor it? When do we learn "to trust no one?" At what age does happiness turn into this destination that everyone wants to get to? What is it that makes a person so unhappy that he or she would take another life without any remorse?
It makes me sad to think that this sweet innocence will slowly be drained from my happy little boy. That life will happen and being held by his mommy will no longer comfort him through adversity, that "dito, dito, dito" and "peek-a-boo I see you" will no longer light up his face. I can't help but wonder if there is something that I can do to help him hang on to this simple happiness.


A to the B to the Q, and looooong overdue!!!

Thank you sweet sisters of mine for this memorable trip. It felt so great to be with sizzles. Thanks for the great chats, delicious meals, patience on the loooong drive, help with the wee ones, fun outings, and especially for being such wonderful individuals. I love you dingbats!!!!

Soooo what's next??????