Sooo, as I am out and about these days I can't help but notice all the little babies that surround me. I have never really noticed this time of year when all the animals around us share the love and bring more little animals into this world. I love it!
The little baby ducks following thier momma and daddy around the lake at the park, baby turtles swimmin around at the entrance of the zoo, I even loved the tiny baby lizard that I watched run across my back porch this evening.
What I AM NOT loving is the millions of baby crickets that creep up my shower drain each night to put up camp!!!! Ummm excuse me baby crickets don't you realize that I do not need any more excuses from taking a shower?????? I love babies, I love animals, I even love some insects (well maybe not so much) BUT I don't like sharing my shower with them. Especially when they come in massive numbers. I could just picture myself getting brave enough to step into the shower and then being carried off like the princess in Desperoux. Yikes!
I'm not big on killing the little guys especially since they are just babies but I sure the heck am not going to scoop each one up into a cup and toss em out into the yard so that they can crawl back up my drain. So kill them it is.... the only problem is....bug spray doesn't seem to be stopping them. They just keep coming, even though they can surely see what it has done to their brothers and sisters. Watering them back down the drain doesn't seem to be stopping them either despite crickets not being waterbugs. Soooo it's official- I will no longer be taking showers. :) Consider this a fair warning.