I know, I know, it's time to start posting again! Unfortunately it is not going to be as often as I would like but be patient with me :)
First things first, I guess I should mentiong that I believe my cricket problem is no longer a problem.... Yay for me!!!! And YES, I have showered :) Yay for you!!!
I thought I might just share some pics of what has been going on the past several months....

Some how my little baby boy turned three years old! How in the world did this happen? He enjoyed seeing all his friends and cousins at his birthday celebrations. (thank you's are on their way: ;) Momma took him to build-a-bear for a special treat.... who knew he would pick an owl. So brody now has a very stylish owl named "skreech" (thanks to auntie mimi) who has a pair of sketchers just like brody!!!!
We also got to celebrate a new edition to the family with Cassie and Kyle's wedding in beautiful Colorado. Brody experienced hail for the first time and attempted to lick it off the deck where we were staying.... poor little arizonian.
Brodes has been visiting grandpa and grandma Rauch quite a bit and is now a little pro at riding a big horsie. He loves to see all the animals out there on the ranch as well as to drive the tractor around like a big boy.