10 Months Old and Lovin Life

Happy 10 months little Brodikens!!!
This little guy is such a joy to be around. He is walking so much and his personality continues to shine. He is into EVERYTHING and definitely keeps his mommy busy!!!!! His sixth tooth is coming in on the bottom right. He is turning into such a big boy. His once timid nature is fading into a little dare devil. He thinks he is invinsible, although, his feelings can still be hurt very easily (can't blame him it's a tough world out there.)
Broders I can't even explain how amazing that little spirit of yours is! Everything about you just melts my heart and I am so proud to be your momma. I love you sweet baby of mine!!!!


Cavities, WHAT????

We bought this little guy his first toothbrush and his very own edible toothpaste on our trip to Target the other day with Auntie Jess. Last night he brushed his five little teeth for the first time and seemed to enjoy it!!!!

I tried to show him how to do it but he decided that he had his own technique,

chewing on the bristles.

Whatever works!!!!
(oh yeah, this was after he got in my cabinets, pulled the "light days" out from under the sink and decided to crawl around with them in his mouth!)

Oh Brodes I love your little ways!!!!



Brody has found a new love...
He has learned to throw a ball! He really
enjoys throwing a ball, chasing after it, picking it up and
throwing it again.
My little bugaboo is learning soooo much,
no wonder he isn't sleeping too well!!!!
He is just advancing so quickly with his walking. Last Saturday when we got home from Tucson he started taking up to five steps. Today he walked
from Nonnie and Papa's living room to the stair case without falling. It is so
exciting to see him growing and learning so many new skills. I can't wait for all of you to see him move :) I just realized that I am going to need to find him some shoes for our camping trip!!!
Any advice for beginning walker shoes????


9 Month Well Check

Little Brodes had his well check today. It appears that his ear infection has cleared up and he is a healthy little dude. I was a little worried because he has been tugging on his right ear these past few days.
He received two shots, the polio and hep B, and handled it very well. He cried when he got the shots but as soon as I picked him up he was fine. Well maybe not "fine," his feelings were hurt a little. Now he doesn't have to go back until Oct. Yeah!!!! (unless those darn ear infections come back!!! ) The doctor says that Brody is okay as far as the number of ear infections he has had but if he gets two more before he turns one doc will have to send him to an ear specialist.
Brody now weighs 21.1 pounds and is 29.5 inches long. He is really getting to be such a big boy. I was just watching him sleep for a little bit noticing how big he is getting but how he is still so much a little baby boy :)

El Conquistador in Oro Valley

Cousin Peyton
Grandma with all the boys
Hunter, Lexy, and Brodsters
Papa Al and lil one
Cousin "buggy" and his tatoo...
The boys wanted Brody to have one too but neither of them wanted to share the tatoos they had won at peter piper pizza.
Blakey Boy teaching Brody how to throw a ball
Brody's first attempt to wear water wings

He absolutely loved the baby pool area
cousin Kenadie blowing bubbles for brody
Getting ready for the pool
our little "big" visitor
Auntie Amanda and Blakey Boy


Baby Steps

Photobucket Album

To see Brody in action, double click on the image above. This will take you to a photobucket webpage. When you get there, double click on the image of Brody one more time and you will see the little man's new moves!

My Little Gremlin...

mischievous lil stinker
resembling my old troll doll
just looking for trouble


Decker Family Vacation

Hi all! I meant to put this post up before I left and then time just seemed to pass by soooo quickly that I didn't end up doing it. I will be in Tucson with the Decker clan from the 8th through the 14th or 15th. It is their annual vacation that we go on every year and the first one for little brodikins. The Thursday before we left my air conditioner went out. That took some time to get taken care of but thankfully it is now working. Not to mention little Brody has another ear infection in his left ear. Soooo if I haven't returned your emails or phone calls, that is why. I had a quick minute while brody was sleeping to log onto Elizabeth's computer before we head down to the pool. I will have a lot of pictures to share when I get back in town. Love you all and talk to you soon! Thanks for all your thought and prayers!!!!



"Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God's will for you." 1 Th 3:16-18

Today I woke up feeling a little run down and emotional. Perhaps it was the short but loooong weekend to Farmington for our 10 year reunion (a whole separate blog) with a 9 month old (yes he is nine months now). Or, maybe it was the idea of coming home to "reality" from such a care-free weekend. Oh and it definitely could be the fact that my mom is going to be gone this whole week and she is my biggest help with the little guy. Anyway it has just been one of those mornings that the demands of being a mom have taken priority over anything else I might be feeling or going through. I really needed to dig deep for the strength that was being demanded.
So I was thinking about my current situation and began soaking in how extremely blessed I am to have soooooo many supportive people around me. I am blessed beyond words to have such amazing friends and family in my life! So during a time that I am feeling weak I am strengthened by all of you. I am soooo thankful for all your encouragement, your support, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, open hearts, open mindedness, love and care!
I was listening to a song this morning and these words just stood out to me...

"We live, we love, we forgive and never give up, for the days that were given are gifts from above, so today we remember to live and to love."

So today I am comforted by the unconditional love that surrounds me and want to send a little bit of love right back your way. Thank you all soooo much for the role you play in my life. I love you!!!!!!