Brody has found a new love...
He has learned to throw a ball! He really
enjoys throwing a ball, chasing after it, picking it up and
throwing it again.
My little bugaboo is learning soooo much,
no wonder he isn't sleeping too well!!!!
He is just advancing so quickly with his walking. Last Saturday when we got home from Tucson he started taking up to five steps. Today he walked
from Nonnie and Papa's living room to the stair case without falling. It is so
exciting to see him growing and learning so many new skills. I can't wait for all of you to see him move :) I just realized that I am going to need to find him some shoes for our camping trip!!!
Any advice for beginning walker shoes????


GG said...

I can't believe my little man is walking!! I really am looking forward to the camping trip now 'cuz I want to take him for a walk! A very short one, Mom!!!And I promise I will hold his hand and carry him when he tires. I just love that little moppet!! GG

Nonnie said...

I've played catch with this little toot! And he is good!!! Especially that backwards over the head throw.......sneaky! :)

Kari said...

Hey Cory, My e-mail is not working so I am going to cheat and drop a quick hello. I am so excited to see Brody doing so well. I could not belive it when I saw the clip of him walking. I am very impressed. I don't really have any advice when it comes to shoes. Remy was so easy going he would wear anything and seemed to do just fine and Lily would rather run around town naked and bare foot. I hope you have a good time on your camping trip. Say hello to the rest of the Turgies and tell them I miss them. Oh and Jessie I have been looking at your blog as well. Your children are so beautiful. I cannot believe how big Asher has gotten and I would love to kiss little Journey's cheeks ( I hope that is how you spell their names).