Need I really say ANYTHING more???????
Our little Brody is becoming quite the big boy!!! Already seventeen months old and time is NOT slowing down. He truly is the joy of my world and my love for him just continues to grow. It's actually quite scary!!!!!
This little boy is talking soooo much. Some of his newest words are....
cow, bee, candy (not sure who taught him this one :), dice (for out"side"), eggies, pancakes, bath, rocks, water, Asher, stairs, booger, fishy, shark, push, brrrr, choo choo, chair, bus, kitty, and most recently... "breakfast bar" (nonnie taught him that one)!
He wakes up every morning asking for his true love... Jush (juice). Usually after a little while he will take me to the fridge (which he can open on his own) and ask for his second love... "cheese!" Quite the breakfast huh.
Then, it is usually a decision between watching "cars" or "mow" (mickey mouse). Lately mickey mouse has been winning which is actually a nice change. For someone who doesn't like to watch movie's more than once, I think I can quote the entire Cars movie :)
Some of his other loves....
toy cars, necklaces (or anything he can put around his neck for that matter), shoes, headbands, balls, choo choos, climbing on things, rice, his doggie and kitty cats, bus's (especially when we are driving), oh, and he now has some kind of infatuation with "poo poo." He really likes to help mommy with the pooper scooper and will point all the "poo poo" out to me. Unfortunately he will sometimes bring it to my attention by actually bringing it to me! :(
He definitely has a mind of his own these days and I am extremely grateful for all that he brings to my life.
I love you little broders, brody bear, brody buckets, brodikens, bonzi, etc


A Trip Down Memory Lane...

While Britt and I were at Mom's today, Mom was adamant about getting rid of ALL of the old prom dresses! Soooo we decided we would take a trip down memory lane and try a few on (especially the goofy ones...sorry Jamie :) )
any of these look familiar sisters???
Can you guess the year that these fabulous gowns were in style?
"material girl"Michael Jackson is missing his leggings! Sixteen Candles and...
teen witch called she wants her prom dress back (top that!)
I'm too sexy for my shoulder pads
Anyone for football????? "Ohhhh sexy girlfriend" Watch out ladies
in a few short years these will all be back in style!