Happy 11 months my little busy bee!

Today my little boy turns 11 months old. I think to myself, "where in the world did the time go?" It seems like just a few months ago I was lying on the couch with him asleep on my belly. If only he fell asleep that quickly and easily these days...
He is such a busy boy. Wanting to explore everything his world has to offer him. I can't really blame him for being curious, it just makes his momma work all that harder :)
Brodes continues to LOVE music. He will hear a tune and it'll send him into a little jivin bug. His hip action would have put Elvis out of business.:)
He loves to take in his environment. Looking around, testing things out, joining in with the others. He is also becoming such an independent little guy. He used to cling to me when he would find himself in a new environment or around new people. Now, we can go somewhere and he is perfectly content on his own. We met Auntie Jess, Asher, Journey, Allison, Noah and Hayden at the mall this morning to play in the kids area. This was Brody's first visit to the little playground so I was interested to see how he would do. Immediately he was on the go without even looking back to see where momma was. It was fun to watch him and I can say that it actually makes me relax a little bit knowing that he isn't going to freak out if I am not around. Of course there will be those times but I am beginning to realize that with his independence comes more independence for me.... Yay!!!
Another "first"... he has officially learned to drink through a straw. Yesterday I let him have some of Matt's strawberry shake, thinking he wasn't going to be able to get any through the straw anyway. Well, he proved me wrong!
He is walking all over the place, rarely ever crawling now. His new favorite word is "hot." When he is in his highchair and we put his food on his tray he will say "hot". He'll walk up to Daddy or Mommy's cup of coffee and say "hot." Most often "hot" is used when we get into the car. Poor little guy that carseat really does get hot!
I think his favorite things are balls and anything that makes noise or plays music. He loves his little bug house that Nonnie gave him but is most interested in the bugs when Asher is playing with them.:) (of course)
He loves water and is absolutely thrilled to be outside. He now wakes up and reaches for any door that will take him outside. He'll cry when mommy says, "it's too hot baby." Perhaps this is why the car rides are getting much easier. When I ask him if he wants to go bye bye he starts waving his arm and heads for the door. He is truly delighted to get out of the house these days. I guess this means more growth for me as I am such a hermit! :)
Oh the ways motherhood challenges us!


Daddy Son Outing

While I was sick, Matt decided he would take little Brodes on an outing to give me some healing time. Where did he take him you ask???? Brass Pro Shop of course :) Matt couldn't resist this new hunting beanie he found on sale for $3.99! (by the looks of it I really can't imagine why it would be on sale...)

Anyway, Brodes got to be the one to break it in before the big hunting trip this October. If you ask me, it just made me start thinking about Halloween.

What in the world is brody going to be this year??????

whoever said "dog" was man's best friend?


The Decker Family is on the mend....

"Life is what happens to you when your busy making other plans"

It seems life wrapped it's arms and every single finger around this little family, and held on tight! It has been a missssssserable past week. Brody and I both went to the doctor last Thursday. He was diagnosed with a pink eye and a double ear infection. I was diagnosed with a urinary tract infection. Little did I know that was just the beginning of what life had in store for me. Things seemed uncomfortable but livable thankfully I made it to my dear sis's baby shower. Then, Monday I woke up with body chills, body aches, nausea, cough, MASSIVE headache, soar throat, fever, no energy, AND the lovely UTI. hmmmm did I forget anything? Did I mention that I had a HEADACHE!!!! Okay so you get the point. I think I cried to my mom everyday of that miserable, horrible, terrible illness. I am finally feeling better today! I'm not quite 100% back to speed but I am actually feeling like I can take care of my own child. Thank you all for all your help and all the phone calls :) Broders took his last bit of antibiotics yesterday and appears to be doing quite well. He is just a busy little bee. Needless to say, we are back in blogger action! Just had to fill everyone in so you understood where I have been, why I haven't returned calls or emails.

I guess being that sick kind of puts things into perspective... things could be a lot worse! My mom-in-law stopped by this morning and we had a good conversation about getting back to the basics of life. Not getting caught in the hustle and bustle of this fast paced world. Taking it a bit slower and putting priorities back in order. Simplifying life. My energy started flowing to the sound of a simpler life. In all reality I really think my health has taken a toll from being on the fast track. Time to slooooow it down!!!! Oh, and I will cheers to that too! :)

Love you all.


A Love For Fruit

I was going to cut this plum up and give it to Brody in pieces but thought what the heck, lets see how it goes.
It's the first time he has ever had a plum and the first time he has ever had a whole fruit. He loved it!!! You should have seen him devouring it! Of course it landed on the floor several times but with the help from mommy he managed to eat most of it!
I think he gets that from Daddy. I have a select list of fruit that I eat on a consistent basis, banana's, strawberry's and apples! Broders has taken to most every fruit I have given him. Although, he has decided he doesn't really care for banana's anymore, I think because of the texture. His favorite right now is blueberries. He would probably eat a whole box of them if I let him! The thought of his diaper after a box of blueberries just makes me cringe! :)
Now that I am trying to give him a variety of fruits it is helping me to branch out a little. I figure it is time for a healthier diet!!! I read that diet and stress are two major things that lead to illness. I figure, I can't always do a whole lot with the stress in my life so I am committing to a healthier diet. (Did I actually say that???)


He Gets That From Me...

It's true, Brody loves sucking on rocks too!
Whenever we are outside, the rocks are the first thing he goes to. I try to redirect him but after the 100th time I think to myself, "is it really worth it?" I guess its the dog doodoo mixed in with all the rocks that keep me on him!!!
The other day he was walking around the house and I noticed he was drooling a lot. I ended up pulling a rock out of his mouth that he had been sucking on for who knows how long. I have no idea where he found it, we hadn't even been outside that day.
Needless to say, I am a very proud momma :)


Thanks for the tag Jess

Seven Random bits of Cory
1. There are very few movies that I can watch twice. Once I have seen a movie, that's it, no more excitement or anticipation. I already know what is going to happen so what's the point! That is why I never buy movies!
2. I got my tongue pierced my sophmore year of college! I know, I know, what was I thinking!
3. I absolutely love red wine.
4. I love the smell of wet cement and rain. When I was little it smelled so good that I would lick the cement and suck on rocks. I thought it would taste as delicious as it smelled. It actually might have, come to think of it. Not that I would do it now.
5. I have a HUGE problem being able to "let go." Be it "stuff", hurt, anger, sadness, control, whatever! I think I still have some old ribbons I won in a three legged race back in elementary school that I can't just toss out. Any suggestions?????
6. Okay, I am dumb as a rock when it comes to our history. You know that show street smarts? I would be the person on that show that everyone laughs at because I didn't know who the first president was. Well okay so I know that question but don't ask me any others. :)
7. When I was younger I loved to capture an intense moment by writing a poem about that feeling I was experiencing at that moment. I have a book of poems I have written back in the day and it's amazing how quickly those feelings can come back when reading them. I wish I made the time to start it back up again.
****Okay Angela and Christine (good reason to start a blog)
your it!!!!!