He Gets That From Me...

It's true, Brody loves sucking on rocks too!
Whenever we are outside, the rocks are the first thing he goes to. I try to redirect him but after the 100th time I think to myself, "is it really worth it?" I guess its the dog doodoo mixed in with all the rocks that keep me on him!!!
The other day he was walking around the house and I noticed he was drooling a lot. I ended up pulling a rock out of his mouth that he had been sucking on for who knows how long. I have no idea where he found it, we hadn't even been outside that day.
Needless to say, I am a very proud momma :)


GG said...

Okay, Cory, so you are proud that he goes around sucking on rocks like you used to do. That is a little different reason in showing pride in your son but I guess there is really nothing wrong with it. You did it and you turned out to be A'#1. I can think of some other ways he is like you too....this little guy has his head screwed on straight just like his Mommy always has. He is beautiful as his mommy is and is loving to everyone. I am so glad your blog ended on a high note. I was absolutely certain when you checked his mouth on what was causing his drooling that it was going to be dog poop since you had mnentioned it being in the rocks. So see he is smart enough to differentiate between rocks and dog poop. And you have always been able to do that too...so he is like you in that respect too.. Well, enough of this foolishness...Thanks for finding the fun in being a mommy and God Bless Brody for being the cause of it!!!!!!!!Love to all 3 of my Decker Dingbats!!!!GG

Mom/Grammie P said...

My life is getting easier by the minute! I have been giving thought to what to get little Brody Boy for his 1st birthday present and you provided me with all kinds of ideas!!!! Has anyone out there already dibbed "a box of rocks" for the little guy? If not then please let me get that for him! I will go through them and make sure they are free of any harmful "dog poo" ingredients :) I do so want to get him a gift he really wants!
Isn't it funny how litle boys can always make their mommy's smile!
Cory I love your writing ability. It is easy to see where you get it since your "gg" is so eloquent!Love you guys!

Debbie said...

Cory, that story just made me smile. It is funny how our kids take after us in the smallest and sometimes strangest ways. GG is right, that is only one of the ways that Brody is like his beautiful and talented mommy! :)

Nonnie said...

Now you know why you were allowed to suck on rocks!!!!!! Some things are just easier than redirecting the 100th time......However, I really should have taught you guys that rocks are better in your mouth than up your nose!!!! So maybe you better stay on that one! :)

Cory said...

You are all sooo sweet and encouraging :) I appreciate it so much!!! Whenever I need a pick-me-up I just need to read all the comments on my blog!
Just today we were outside playing, as I would pull a rock out of Brodes mouth he would shove two back in. He is a quick little bugger. I had to laugh because I continued to do this until I decided we should just go inside. But I suppose you are right mom, better in his mouth than up his nose.
PS. I am sure he would absolutely love a box of rocks from his gram!! :)