Daddy Son Outing

While I was sick, Matt decided he would take little Brodes on an outing to give me some healing time. Where did he take him you ask???? Brass Pro Shop of course :) Matt couldn't resist this new hunting beanie he found on sale for $3.99! (by the looks of it I really can't imagine why it would be on sale...)

Anyway, Brodes got to be the one to break it in before the big hunting trip this October. If you ask me, it just made me start thinking about Halloween.

What in the world is brody going to be this year??????

whoever said "dog" was man's best friend?


Debbie said...

Those pictures are just precious. I love the one with Brody and your kitty. What great memories, and how great that Matt and Brody had a nice father/son outing! :)

Jme said...

These are so cute Cory :) I love the one of him and Jasper...see he's not so bad. :)
Hopefully little Brodes won't be going hunting this year with his daddy. :) (just had to throw that one in there! :)

jessamyn said...

i think brody should be an orange crayon...he could wear the hat.
and what sweetness captured in that pic of brodes and jasp. he would be heartbroken if you got rid of jasper!:)

Angie said...

Brody looks good in orange, his hat reminds me of a Broncos fan at a winter football game!
I can't beleive how well Brody is up and on his own. I am hoping that my little ones will wait a little longer...

Mom/Grammie P said...

Oh my gosh Cory, you caught the greatest glimpse of boyhood! The pictures are precious, not only the "hat" picture but with Charlie and Jasper too! What a sweet moment. Yah, what is the fasination with Bass Pro Shop? (Don't tell Papa I said that :)

GG said...

Ah! My Little Big Man, Brody, you brought me great joy this AM with the photos of you in your new hat. My favorite is you standing in your cream colored pants. You almost look like an ice cream sundae with a cherry on top. Maybe Mommy will go hunting with Daddy and you can go too. I love you so much Brody ....just looking at these pictures fills my heart with love for you. GG

Nonnie said...

I just had such a chuckle! Well, HE seemed to think it was an awesome hat!!!!! Just a quick HI. Found a computer on the second floor of our hotel!!! imagine that!