Eight Months Old!

Broders is such a happy little eight month old!!!! His big personality has really started shining more and more this past month! He loves to explore, especially now that he can crawl. He is a curious little boy but is very cautious at the same time. His delight shines through his big bright eyes and you can see right into his big loving soul. His smile can light up a room especially with those two beautiful little teeth.
He now pulls himself up into a standing position from whatever is in reach. He is trying to teach himself how to get back down to the sitting position but hasn't quite mastered that skill yet. He has learned to bend forward to dip his face into his bath water. He is very proud of himself for doing this act and will lift his face with a smile like he has just won the biggest award in the world. Of course we cheer and clap and go on and on like he did too! He loves to plant wet kisses right on mommy's mouth and of course we can't forget the raspberries!!!
I think the skill he enjoys doing the most that he has learned over this past month is, waving bye bye. He wakes up waving bye bye. I think he practices in his sleep. Occasionally, he will throw in a "ba ba," when he waves. Of course this makes his mommy very proud even if he doesn't know what he is saying!!!!! :) We love our little "brody bear, bonzi, brody buckets, little man, bubba, broders, bugaboo!"