7 Months Old

Today my little boy turns a big 7 months old. WOW, how time flies when your having fun!!! :) This past seven months have been so many things... hard, stressful, wonderful, exciting, tiring, unbelievable, you get the picture. This unique little spirit has brought soooo much emotion into Matt and I's life. He is quickly becoming his own little person and it has been so amazing to watch. He is a baby that LOVES animals, loves to chew on things, loves to be around people, loves music, becomes overwhelmed with a lot of noise, is timid around people he doesn't know, likes his outdoor walks in his stroller, enjoys his "tubby time," loves to bounce around in his johnny jumper (even though he has outgrown it), loves to smile and shout out with excitement, is intrigued by watching his cousin Asher, isn't afraid to express his frustration and sadness and is quickly beginning to enjoy his independence more and more while clinging to the dependence of mom and dad at the same time. Nope he isn't sleeping through the night yet, yes he is already learning to manipulate and is already getting into trouble! So much to appreciate and so much to look forward to. We love this little 7 month old joy.

Easter Joy

Brody's first Easter Sunday!!!!! What a little joy. We went to church that morning. I was nervous because my little sweet pea is very vocal now and I am not ready to put him in the little daycare yet! This has been a little bit of a problem in my attendence at church :( Brody did a great job on this particular day. He woke up in such a happy mood. He wanted to share his happiness with everyone toward the end so his Daddy walked with him outside. I think he likes the loud music. It was a wonderful service and much needed :) We stopped by his Papa Al and Grandma Cheryl's house on the way home from church. He opened his easter bag and immediately enjoyed chomping on a rubber easter ducky.
We then drove out to auntie Amanda and Elizabeth's house where we got to see all the cousins, aunt and uncles, and Goonie and Papa Jerry. We had a delicious lunch and watched the kids play on a huge blow up waterslide. Of course my little bugaboo has a little while before he can go play with the big kids. He and Blakey Boy stayed in and interacted a little with Blake poking his fingers in Brody's mouth and eyes and Brody grabbing at Blakes face.
Afterward we went to Nonnie and Papa's house for yummy homemade icecream and wonderful time spent with auntie, cousins, and Nonnie and papa. An eventful day and a precious FIRST for my little baby.

Catching Up

This was Brody's wobbly start to sitting on his very own. He was able to sit and play with his toys for a short time before knocking himself over by holding a toy too high up or shaking it too vigorously. He can now sit on his own with no problem at all and is inching himself around the floor with his little hands and feet like a little catapillar. He will be crawling before we know it. I can't believe how quickly all of this is happening. It seems like just a month ago he was my little newborn baby.

March 23rd, Brody's very first airplane ride. He went with Nonnie and Momma to LA for Market. What a trip. It was momma's first big trip with a little baby too. Talk about tiring. He did such a great job. I think Momma was more nervous then he was. My little boy is growing up!!!!!

March 18th, Brody's first taste of solid food! Yummy rice cereal. He was a little unsure of it at first then decided that it wasn't that bad. Now he has tried bananas, sweet potatoes, peaches, pears, greenbeans, sqaush, avocado, applesauce, carrots and oatmeal. His very favorite is of course... bananas!!!! He can scarf a whole jar of nanners down in nothing flat. :)


Welcome Baby Koppert

Grant Jason Koppert was born on Saturday April 14th. Isn't he a little cutie!!! Christine we are soooo excited for you. He has a full head of hair like his buddy Brody. We love you little Grant baby!!!!!!!



It has appeared that Brody has been quite fussy this week. I know some of you are saying to yourself "who Brody" but really he is quite a happy little dude. I was wondering just how I was going to stay sane while attending to such a demanding little guy and not getting any sleep. (No he is not sleeping through the night yet!)

Well today he and I went to our second home, yes the shop. Nonnie was there today and apparently is a little more observant than I am. Perhaps it's because I am a walking zombie. Anyway Nonnie is holding Broders and declares "Cory he has a tooth coming in." What a wonderful momma I am. Here I am getting sooo frustrated at my little dumpling for being fussy when he is actually handling the pain of cutting teeth quite well. My babies first little tooth is coming in!!!!!! Another FIRST of several that have all occurred throughout this past month. Wow!!!



Okay, tax season is nearing it's long awaited end and I will have access to my computer again!!!!!! Yeah! We have had such an exciting past few months, full of many firsts for little mister. Can't wait to share them with you all!!!!!!