Easter Joy

Brody's first Easter Sunday!!!!! What a little joy. We went to church that morning. I was nervous because my little sweet pea is very vocal now and I am not ready to put him in the little daycare yet! This has been a little bit of a problem in my attendence at church :( Brody did a great job on this particular day. He woke up in such a happy mood. He wanted to share his happiness with everyone toward the end so his Daddy walked with him outside. I think he likes the loud music. It was a wonderful service and much needed :) We stopped by his Papa Al and Grandma Cheryl's house on the way home from church. He opened his easter bag and immediately enjoyed chomping on a rubber easter ducky.
We then drove out to auntie Amanda and Elizabeth's house where we got to see all the cousins, aunt and uncles, and Goonie and Papa Jerry. We had a delicious lunch and watched the kids play on a huge blow up waterslide. Of course my little bugaboo has a little while before he can go play with the big kids. He and Blakey Boy stayed in and interacted a little with Blake poking his fingers in Brody's mouth and eyes and Brody grabbing at Blakes face.
Afterward we went to Nonnie and Papa's house for yummy homemade icecream and wonderful time spent with auntie, cousins, and Nonnie and papa. An eventful day and a precious FIRST for my little baby.


GG said...

From the look on his face in the different photos and from Mommy's description of the day, it sounds as if Brody's first Easter was as extra special as he is. GG loves you Brody! Anymore, there are a whole bunch of compartments carved into my heart and one of them has a sign with your name "Brody" hanging right over the entrance! And Brody, I go there quite often! I love you, you little heart stealer!! GG

Jessamyn said...

cory i love this picture of brodes with his plaid pants. he is just the sweetest thing...and i am so glad that i am his auntie hess