10 Months Old and Lovin Life

Happy 10 months little Brodikens!!!
This little guy is such a joy to be around. He is walking so much and his personality continues to shine. He is into EVERYTHING and definitely keeps his mommy busy!!!!! His sixth tooth is coming in on the bottom right. He is turning into such a big boy. His once timid nature is fading into a little dare devil. He thinks he is invinsible, although, his feelings can still be hurt very easily (can't blame him it's a tough world out there.)
Broders I can't even explain how amazing that little spirit of yours is! Everything about you just melts my heart and I am so proud to be your momma. I love you sweet baby of mine!!!!


Jme said...

Happy belated 10 month birthday Brodster!! Thanks for being so loving when I was at your house and helping me eat my chips! :)I love you!
Auntie Mimi

tia said...

wow brody-bear! you are really growing up fast. 6 teeth! no wonder you could help auntie mimi eat chips. that picture that mama took of you sure is handsome. i can't wait to give you a big squeeze! i love you!

Nonnie said...

You are just a sweet lovin little munchkin and I just want to squeeze you too! Miss you little baby boy!

GG said...

Oh, Brody, I miss you so much and can't wait to see you this coming weekend at Hawley Lake. The picture of you is so cute. From the looks of you you are becoming GG's BIG little man. That outfit you have on makes you look almost grown up. Brody, when I was a little boy they had books for boys my size and age called BIG LITTLE BOOKS. They had stories in them that were very entertaining and they only cost 25 cents and were about 4 inches square but quite thick. They were LITTLE in size but their entertainment value was BIG!!! And that is the way you are Brody. You might be LITTLE in size but your entertainment value is BIG. That is why you are my BIG LITTLE MAN. And there ain't nuthin' little about the way I love you Brody....no siree, I love you BIG, my BIG LITTLE MAN!!
from your lovin' GG

Jordon and Katie said...

he is so cute.

Annie said...

Hey Cory, I was on Katie's blog and saw that you had one too. I can't believe how big Brody is now. He is ADORABLE! I hope I get to see him walk around the shop before I leave. I havent got to see you much, hope everything is going well. Annie