Cavities, WHAT????

We bought this little guy his first toothbrush and his very own edible toothpaste on our trip to Target the other day with Auntie Jess. Last night he brushed his five little teeth for the first time and seemed to enjoy it!!!!

I tried to show him how to do it but he decided that he had his own technique,

chewing on the bristles.

Whatever works!!!!
(oh yeah, this was after he got in my cabinets, pulled the "light days" out from under the sink and decided to crawl around with them in his mouth!)

Oh Brodes I love your little ways!!!!


Debbie said...

Cory, a toothbrush was the ONLY thing that made Josie happy when she was teething. It made the biggest difference in her. Plus, now she LOVES brushing her teeth. It established it as something nice and not scary. Glad you found something he loves.

Jme said...

How funny!! The lightdays picture is a perfect blackmail picture for when he's older!! I'm glad he has found a love for brushing his teeth. I feel hygiene is important in a man. :)

GG said...

My little man is definitely going to be a Boy Scout. Ya' know their motto is ALWAYS BE PREPARED!....and he definitely is....with his toothbrush and his "Light Days"!

A little man after my own heart!!!!

jessamyn said...

he is going to be such a good boyfriend when he can buy his girly friends tampons without blushing!

Nonnie said...

I just love these pics! He is such a little dearie! His personality is getting to be so big! And it is so fun to watch it grow!