Water Baby

Brody has developed a LOVE for water! He loves splish splashin away in the pool and in his tubby. Recently he has found new interests during tubby time. One being his washcloth. He likes to put it in his mouth and suck the water out of it... sounds delicious. Second, he is now very intrigued by his boy parts. He looks down, grabs it and smiles in delight at this new treasure. :) Boys!!!!!


Christine said...

Okay Cory, I'm finally leaving a comment :) Brody is such a sweetheart...it was fun to see him (and everyone) last week! I love the water and buggy pics and I can't wait for Grant to find his "treasure" after our conversation the other day!

Jordon and Katie said...


This is Katie (Matts cousin) I found your blog through a friend that knows Jessamyn. Brody is so cute. It looks like you guys are having fun together. I hope you dont mind I am going to add you to my blog so I can keep checking.


Nonnie said...

He sure does love the water! We've seen that first hand. What a sweetie heart, just layin in the tub lovin his washcloth!! :) Another little waterbaby!

Cory said...

Yeah Christine!!!! I am so proud of you for leaving a comment :) It was so good to see little Grant! We need to do that again soon.
Hi Katie, I am sooo glad you found my blog. Of course I don't mind you adding me to blog. Can't wait to see yours :) Hope all is well!!!!

Debbie said...

Cory, it was so great to see you and Brody this weekend. It is easy to see he is a water baby after yesterday! Hope you all have a relaxing day today.