Happy Happy Day!!!!!

Happy Birthday little
Wyatt Bear
Beef Toad...
You are such a happy ray of sunshine
I love to watch your little bowlegged run,
your big grin with those two front teeth
your beautiful bright blue eyes
and your loving little spirit.

We love you so very much
and are so very blessed to have such a
special little nephew/cousin.

Happy Number One Baby Boy!!!!


Nonnie said...

oh.....love love love the list of things about this little boy.....he is sooo precious.
happy happy day, sweet little one!

Debbie said...

Happy Birthday sweet big boy. It is so fun to see your spirit shine. Hope you enjoy your exciting day and what the future brings! :) We love you!

Jamie said...

ahhww, I love those pictures :) He is such a little cutie patootie! Happy B-day!!!

Mandy said...

Happy Birthday little man!!

jessamyn said...

that picture of him with the watermelon couldn't be any more amazing.
seriously...look at that grin.
he is loved to pieces.

cassie said...

i love that watermelon picture too! i can't stop looking at it and smiling. what a joy he must find in watermelon! wish i could squeeze him!