Somewhere Under the Rainbow

I was driving home from my parents house on Tuesday. It had been raining all day and to my suprise I saw the most beautiful rainbow I had ever seen in my entire life!!!
It was a double rainbow, one right above the other. The one below was as bright as could be and the earth lit up where it seemed the rainbow ended. I'm truly not exaggerating.
The one above wasn't near as bright and was fading into the cloudy sky very quickly.
I just so happened to have my camera with me so I told myself I should pull over and take a picture. I hesitated and then after missing the perfect opportunity decided if I didn't get a picture I would regret it!
Soooo I took the next opportunity to pull over, a dirt area right off of Elliott road. I quickly thought to myself, "maybe I shouldn't pull over here, what if I get stuck in the mud." and then I reassured myself "ya right, I'm in a four runner!"
I was a little disappointed because by the time I had convinced myself to take the picture, I discovered that the picture before me wasn't near as beautiful as it had been. I snapped two pictures in between windshield wipes and then realized that I couldn't get myself back on the road...
yep, I was stuck!
My mom came to the rescue and when explaining to her that I thought something might be wrong with my car and encouraged her to listen to the sound my car was making, she looked at me and responded "ya honey, I think thats mud." Maybe I was just trying to convince myself that my four runner truly could not be stuck in the mud on the side of a street of all things!!!!
At the same time little Brody had decided that he was getting tired of sitting in his carseat and began fussing to let me know it. I tried giving him candy and he just wasn't going for it. Then I realized that I had a small box of rice in the car that was left over from lunch at Nonnies so I put that in front of him. Brody didn't make another peep! Oh that boy has a love for rice!
Anyway, after much encouragement from my mom that nothing was wrong with my car I eventually got my car to some pavement and found out that my car drove just fine!
What an adventure :)
You wouldn't appreciate these pictures quite as much without hearing the story behind them and with the amount of effort that went into capturing them I couldn't resist posting them. :)

Little Broders at the end of the adventure with rice from head to toe!


Brittni said...

I wish I was a fly on your window just watching the event take place! It sounds and looks like a beautiful rainbow and looks like Broders really enjoyed his rice! I think you need to get him on a new favorite food because I think he drops more rice than he eats!:) Maybe that is why he likes it so much!

Nonnie said...

love it, sweetie.....i got to chuckle a lot more this time :)

i am soooooo glad that it wasn't an ordeal for you.....and we didn't even get muddy! :) just brody covered in rice!

Debbie said...

That is such a great story Cory. The pictures are great, but the meaning behind him is better. You are a lot more courageous than myself to give your toddler rice in the car! Crazy Lady! It was great to see you today. :)

GG said...

Ah Cory that is a great story. I can almost feel the fear and trepidation you were feeling about your scary situation. But good ole' Mom came to the rescue and all turned out well. The story is entertaining, the rainbow pictures are gorgeous but Brody is the most beautiful of all. He captures my heart completely in ever photo and every time I see him in person. He is adorable. He truly is my little big man! Love, GG

Jme said...

Cory ~ This is funny! Did you think about actually putting it in 4 wheel drive? :) It's little things like these that make life SO much more interesting and worth the journey! :) Thanks for sharing and for stopping. I'm really bummed I missed the rainbows...since I had a migraine I didn't even know it was raining on Tuesday!! :(

Mom/Grammie P said...

Cory you are really quite the story teller. I honestly hope you decide to write a book someday! I love reading about your adventures in life as the music you pick plays in the background. It truly makes it all come to life as if I am watching a motion picture. Thanks for sharing your adventure and thanks too Nonnie for always always coming to the rescue.
Love you both
PS Brody I promise to always have rice on hand :-)

Vonda said...

I've always heard that anything worth while takes a lot of effort?? And then there was "Wonder Woman" to the rescue! (I think she needs a cape!) I'm glad little Brody ended up a "happy camper"!

Mandy said...

Cory ~ Too funny!! glad you got a little adventure that afternoon:0)

cassie said...

that pictures of brody-boy says it all! he is the leprachaun at the end of the rice rainbow!

Angie said...

Oh Cory, I am glad you weren't afraid to stop and enjoy the beauty. It's not too often you could get stuck in mud in AZ, so I can see why it didn't cross your mind at first. And little Brody,how cute! I haven't tried rice in the car yet, but if it brings big smiles like that, i may have to start.