Grandpa GG's little BIG man

GG took little Broders and I to The Farm for lunch on Wednesday. It was such a peaceful and relaxing day. We truly enjoyed our time outdoors, with the birds chirping, beautiful scenery, perfect weather, and wonderful company.
We ate a delicious lunch out on the picnic tables while Brody walked around making friends with other kids and deciding that their balls were his to play with. He had such a great time finding pecans on the ground and taking them over to two little girls that were collecting them. He has such a generous little heart (unless it comes to his cars).
After we ate we decided to walk around the area. There is so much more to The Farm than I thought. We saw local farmers tending to their crops, a little artist building that teaches art classes, a cute little place where you can get massages and an area set up for weddings. It is such a neat area.
After we walked around for a while we got something to drink at the restaurant and continued to chat for a while.
It was truly just what the Dr. ordered!!!!!!
Brody's first glimps of what real chicken's look and sound like
Of course we had to make time for climbing on things
following in Grandpa GG's footsteps...
Thank you Gramps for this lovely day. It meant so much to me and Brody had such a great time exploring and spending time with his GG.
Love you


Jme said...

Looks like a really fun and relaxing day! I wish I could have seen Brodes with the chickens! :) What a nice treat for all of you. :)

Debbie said...

What a great time! I LOVE the picture of Broders following in GG's footsteps. That is just pricesless! I am glad you had a day to make your heart feel good.

Nonnie said...

so glad you had a relaxing day and little boy got to be outside....his favorite thing...besides cars! :)

GG said...

I too love the picture of Brody following in my footsteps. He truly is GG's Little Big Man. It was really great for me to spend the day with my "Little Cory Belle Monroe" as I used to call you when you were a little girl ....and now to get to show my Little Big Man his first chickens, the pecan trees with loads of pecans under them. He got to see grapefruit growing on the trees and little did he realize it but he got to see his first wedding chapel and reception hall!!Ha! And he didn't get worn out like Cory and I did because he got pulled all over the farm in his little red wagon. We even had a treasure hunt when we realized he had lost his bottle and we had to backtrack to find it. And sure enough mama knew just where to look to find it. Even though we were all ready to go home after 3 hours...it was a day of such pleasantries that I will never forget it. GG

Mom/Grammie P said...

I must agree that the picture of Brody following in GG's footsteps is absolutely priceless. It is something all 3 of you will hold deep in your heart. Matt was very close to my own father which I still hold as a treasured memory. I feel so blessed that Brody is so surrounded by love and example that his life too will be filled with treasured memories.
Love You

Vonda said...

I too enjoyed the pictures and your outing vicarously. I hope Jessie's incident doesn't deter any of you in posting to your blogs. It gives me a chance to share in your daily lives and seeing the Babes. It seems like sister #2 has already fallen off the Blog wagon?? Has anybody suggested blog rehab for her?

cassie said...

it looks like such a fun day cork! like everyone else, i love that pic of broders and gramps. what a fun day!

SweetAnnee said...

Oh how fun..a great day
and Brody is darling..I love
the pic of him walking behind GG
hugs to you

Mandy said...

what a fun day for you three!! Its so fun to watch our kids go out and explore, see new things. Jett is still telling me about Brodys two cats and how he pets them and chases them!! Hope to see you soon~ love ya

Simplicity Wins said...

I love the farm but it has been so long since I have been there. I will have to work that into my plans before the summer heat approaches.