It's Been A Whole Year!!!!

So, Brody is not the only one who has recently turned one! Uptown Girls Downtown Boys celebrated it's one year birthday party on Saturday to launch it's newest project.... girly birthday parties. Elizabeth, Amanda and myself spent the past three days rearranging the whole back half of the shop. (with a whole lotta help from the hubby's) We were really nervous as to how everything was going to pull together but in the end we were really proud of our store!!!!

We had a wonderful day and the kids loved it. So wish us luck on our new adventure and if you know of any little girl out there that is looking for a place to have her birthday party, send her our way :)

We took out the play area and put in three vanity's for the girls to get their hair done. (does the middle vanity look familiar auntie karen? Mom painted it white and switched out the drawer knobs, it looked amazing! Thanks Mom!
Some of the Princess's
We also put in three new fun stations where kids can make thier own lip gloss, shimmer lotion and fairy dust. This is Lexy posing in front of the shimmer lotion.
Blakey Boy and Kenadie playing in the bubbles
and the crew(missing a few )
Thanks for getting these pics Pam, so glad someone brought a camera!!! and Thanks Gramps for the lovely "birthday presents." I believe you are one of the most thoughtful human beings on the planet. What would we do with out your tremendous heart! Oh yes, and thank you Feigy's for your time and effort to print our shirts and pick up that darn cotton candy machine. What a lifesaver. Thank you all for stopping by and sharing your support it meant a lot! Wow, what would I do with our my friends and family!!!!! Love you guys.


Debbie said...

Congrats on the anniversary. Good luck with the new adventure in the store. We were SO bummed to miss the day, we thought about you guys all morning. May the next year bring even more success!

Beth said...

what a great idea! looks like a little girls dream!

GG said...

I am so glad I came to the birthday party. I had a really great time! Your efforts in re-arranging the store were a beautiful success. The mirrors you ladies envisioned turned out to be a vision of loveliness. It was fun seeing the looks on the little girls faces as they got all "beautified" in front of them. Thanks Cory for helping me find the perfect welcoming gifts for my little Wyatt whom I have never seen yet and am ashamed to admit it. But look out little boy I am going to get there yet!!! It was great to see your mother-in-law, Cory, (for the life of me I cannot recall her first name!) My brief respite in the back room with a Sprite & popcorn topped everything off. I sincerely hope the new venture will be a great success rewarding all of you for the hard work and concentrated effort you put into this creation. Love to all, Grandpa (GG)

Jordon and Katie said...

looks like a blast. i can't wait to come see the store when we come home for the holidays.

Mom/Grammie P said...

Three cheers for the unbelievable efforts of you girls and all involved in making the changes. I know it was blood sweat and tears and tons and tons of sleepless nights that made it happen but -- honestly it is a beautiful transformation. The shop looks amazing and it is obvious you girls are extremely talented when you put your three heads together.

I am so glad I got pictures to mark the occasion because it was a very special day. Happy Birthday Uptown Girls, Downtown Boys and many more :-)
Love you guys,