Welcome to the world little Elandro

Congratulations Rae and Hector on your new little addition to the family! We are sooooo excited for you and this amazing journey you have ahead of you. Can't wait to see the little guy!

Rachel you are a trooper for all that you have endured!
You are already a beautiful mother
and I am so proud of you!!!

Love You Guys!


Mandy said...

What a perfect looking baby!!

GG said...

My dearest, darling granddaughter, Rachel, you are beautiful and so is Elandro and so is Hector. I am so proud of my 3 beautiful Serranos. I know the actual birth was not what you expected, anticipated or wanted. C Sections are not the wish of most women but look at what the result was, sweetheart...a delightfully beautiful little boy! One of your parents told me on the phone that you and Hector were both crying as they wheeled you in for the C section. That made me tear up too. I am so glad that you are married to a man with a tender heart and one who is not afraid to show it. I am so proud of all 3 of you and I love this little family that you 3 have created. I can't wait to see all 3 of you. I love the sound of Elandro rolling off my tongue. His name is as beautiful as he is. I love my Serrano family!! Grandpa (GG)

Brittni Turgesen said...

He is such a cute baby! Absolutely perfect! I am so excited for your family. Love you guys!

Vonda said...

He is so beautiful!! Congratulations on your labor of love!

jessamyn said...

can't wait to hold this babe!