Day 2 of the 3-Day

The mini cheering section

Great Job Team Juanita....
Only two more miles to go!!!!!!
"I am walking for my girls"
more of the cheering squad
Grandpa responded with this in a prior post. It touched me so much and I thought it deserved it's own post. Thank you for sharing Grandpa!

Grandma was such an unassuming little lady, living her life in what she considered a small way doing what she could and never looking for accolades. In the 10 years since her death I think she must be dumbfounded at all the notoriety she has received each year in the past 3 years as family members have labored to keep her memory alive. In a small way she has become famous because of the signs with her picture on them studding the 60 mile walk for the last 3 years. As I sit or stand on the curb cheering the walkers on I hear people say "Oh I remember that sign from last year" or they say "Oh, I remember that name "Juanita" from last year". And each year for 3 years in a row our family has had 2 family members walking 60 miles in three days in Juanita's name. In that way she is not forgotten. And each year our two walkers have each exceeded the dollar amount they pledged to raise. Three years ago it was 2 of my granddaughters, Cory Decker and Jessamyn Rundio who walked and exceeded their dollar pledge and the last 2 years it has been Kenneth Grove and Kimberly Turgesen my son and daugher who have exceeded their pledge each year totaling in excess of $5,000 in 2 years time toward a cure for breast cancer. And members of the Grove and Turgesen family line the streets to cheer them on. Even our new born babies are there in their carriers to hear the cheers for their great grandma who will not be forgotten even by them as this story is told to them down through the years. I am exceedingly proud of my family. They say there will be no tears in Heaven but I could almost bet that Grandma Juanita is shedding a few tears of happiness as she looks down on the scene.
~Grandpa GG


jessamyn said...

Well...I, for one, am crying! This is all so true grandpa...I remember walking in 2005 and people asking about grandma...and moments that spoke so clearly about how she was with us every step of the way. our angel.
i love her so much...and i love you too grandpa! thank you for sharing this with us.

Debbie said...

Wow, the words of your Grandpa are so full of love and pride. I know your Grandma has affected my life by bringing my attention to the 3 Day and allowing Josie and I to cheer on Juanita's Kids. Thanks for letting us be an extended part of the family and cheering on your mom and uncle!

Nonnie said...

On the day after, I am already somewhat emotional and this made me even more so!
There were a lot of comments again this year about Juanita's Kids.....she is getting to be quite well known around this event!! And the family that supports us has gotten a lot of appreciative comments also. We are so lucky!
There are so many things that leave memories as you make your way through all these miles each day.....walking in the heat, through all kinds of terrain with 2100 other men and women....and one expecially stands out.
We were walking along baseline road yesterday, the last day, and an older lady walker grabbed my shoulder from behind me and said "I just want to tell you that Juanita did a wonderful job".

Nonnie said...

P.S. I LOVE the picture of Brody holding the sign. If you enlarge the pic and look real close, he has a look of a determined future walker! :)

Simplicity Wins said...

I'm crying too. Your family is so amazing and I am happy to have known you all. You should be so proud of the legacy you are creating. Who will be walking next year?